About Me

My appetite for ‘all things crafty’ started quite late on really. Whilst I was growing up, my nanna and mum were prolific knitters and I started learning from them. Being left handed, it was a challenge to learn to begin with, but perseverance paid off. However, knitting my first jumper, I think I was about 14 at the time, I managed to transpose the pattern in the opposite way completely. I’m still not sure how I managed it, but it was still wearable and I was chuffed with the fact that I had achieved something I could wear. I continued knitting, but gave up when I realised that each time I knitted a jumper for a boyfriend, shortly after giving it to them, I decided they weren’t ‘the one’ and found a new model!!!

My real passion for crafts probably started when I received a Dryad bobbin lace starter kit for Christmas when I was about 20. I tried having a go on my own but soon realised I would be better off joining a class. I found a local evening class and started back in 1992. I still have plenty to learn and I attend an evening class in Warlingham, near to where I used to live, every Tuesday night.

My sister was an ardent embroiderer and in my teenage years, this never really appealed to me. However, in my early thirties, we both decided to try our hand at a City & Guilds Embroidery qualification and that had me hooked. I loved every minute of the course, learning about colour, mark making, creating things from my own doodling rather than following a pattern all the time. From that moment, I went on to explore as many other types of crafts I could find, and I’m still discovering new things to learn. Walking my dog is always a good time to let my imagination run wild and think and plan new projects.

My husband and I moved to Ash a couple of years ago and I was lucky enough to finally have my own craft room. The idea was that my ‘craft stash’ would be nicely organised and stay in the room……but I have to confess that the whole house is often taken over with projects that I have on the go!! I joined my local Embroiderer’s Guild group – Farnborough and District – where each month we take it in turns to teach a new technique or project to each other. This is a really good place to meet like-minded people and learn from those more experienced, which I always am. We are always looking for new members to join our group, so please feel free to come along.

Now I feel I want to help others to discover just how much fun stitching and crafting is, hence the birth of Sunflowerstitches. Therefore, whether you are brand new to all of this and want to try something different, or whether you are more experienced, I hope I can take you on a journey of exploration of all things crafty.